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BeliefSat-1 is a 2p Pocketqube standard student satellite being developed at K.J.Somaiya Institute of Engineering and Information technology by a group of undergraduate students and faculties in a team called "New Leap Initiative". Right now satellite has been conceptualized and soon prototype development will start. is the official site of the project which is right now under construction, but will soon hold all the information about the same. Dr. Umesh Shinde( who is the Dean of Research Development and Consultancy at our institute is the faculty coordinator for the project and is an amateur radio operator with the callsign "VU3CDI". The project aims to be end-to-end compatible with SATNOGS right from the development stage and thus developing a toolchain in the form of reciever->demodulator->decoder->database->dashboard for enabling test-driven development is essential for us, thus we are getting involved from early stages of the project. different pieces of information required about the project will be updated from time to time when those are finalized. I request you to add our satellite to the network and initialize our journey with satnogs. The official mailing address of team is

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